Center for Global Dialogue

Past Events

Past Events


We have pursued our mission using two different paths

First, we develop and promote an annual community-wide forum, typically at the Faulkner Gallery or at Santa Barbara City College, on a topic of Global significance.  Our Board of Directors takes responsibility for researching the topic and finding appropriate speakers who, hopefully, bring different perspectives to our forum.  

Over the years, we have explored such diverse topics as:

•    Preemptive War
•    The Search for Security
•    Fixing the Global Economy
•    Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
•    A Year Without War

Our most recent programs have explored topics such as the “Global Refugee Explosion,” with a strong emphasis on examining its impact on our global village.  

In the Spring of 2017, we examined “The High Cost of Incarceration: Scandinavian Alternatives” with the aim of trying to apply lessons learned from Scandinavian countries as we seek to reduce recidivism in American prisons.

Our process includes dedicating half of the public presentation to audience participation as we believe that questions are as important as the presentation.  We also attempt to revisit the question about six months after the presentation to see what progress might have been made or if additional insight has been developed.  

Our other approach to sharing with the community relates to the production of a monthly television program, “Global Dialogue,” that seeks to share conversations about global issues and values with the wider community.  YouTube versions of these programs are accessible at Continue the Conversation.