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The Center for Global Dialogue serves as a catalyst for nonpartisan discussion of challenging global issues in order to promote active membership in global civil society

Global affairs are our business.  We believe that each of us needs to have access to information about what’s going on in the world. The process of globalization means that what happens around the world on a daily basis affects us locally…on a daily basis.  

These issues are almost never simple, though they may appear that way.  We need help understanding differing perspectives surrounding any given topic if we are to respond in a meaningful way.  

So once or twice a year, we prepare a non-partisan forum for our community.   We reserve about half our time together for audience participation with the goal of having everyone fully engaged.  

We try to look at all sides and attempt to understand how “they” see it.  We do our best to select issues that are relevant to our time and speakers who are well versed in their topic and who will offer differing viewpoints.

The Center for Global Dialogue is governed by local citizens who share these beliefs.   We are committed to a process whereby ordinary people come to understand what’s going on in our ever-shrinking global village.

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