Our Mission:

The Center for Global Dialogue
serves as a catalyst for non-partisan
discussion of challenging global issues
in order to promote active participation
in global civil society.

A National Grand Strategy

for a Sustainable Future

Creating a new Grand Strategy for the United States that moves away from outdated post-World War II and Cold War containment towards a new approach prioritizing economic and ecological sustainability, and multilateral diplomacy.

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A Year Without War

Is a global ceasefire possible?

It is hard to imagine that contemporary warring factions and religious extremists would set aside their weapons. Yet despite the understandable skepticism, we intend to discuss the possibility of a global ceasefire – for just one year – in 2020.

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Fixing the Global Economy:

Austerity, Stimulus, or What?

Global economies appear to be fast approaching a financial precipice with no apparent agreement on how to fix the problem.  How can we stop this downward spiral? What are the consequences if we don’t?

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